The Adams Class Veterans Association (ACVA) is no longer an IRS registered 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.


The Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc. formed in Jan 2004, after the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum announced they were abandoning efforts to obtain the USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 as a museum ship for Bay City, Michigan.

Our goal is to save the USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2, the first Guided Missile Destroyer and the US Navy's first Guided Missile Ship, as a museum ship. We have representatives from almost all 23 "Adams Class DDG" ships and several from the German Adams Class DDG's who have joined our group.

The ADAMS Class Veteran's Association, Inc. (ACVA, INC.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed with the mission and goal of saving an ADAMS class DDG ship. ACVA is focusing their efforts on preserving the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2), as she is the only ship left of the class. Several of the founding ACVA members are either "Plankowners" (original crew members) or served on one of the 23 US DDG's or German DDG's, between 1960 and the late 1990s.

During 2005, the ACVA had discussions with several locations in Florida about providing the ADAMS with a berth and a city willing to be the host for a navy museum ship. We hired a marine engineer and completed marine site surveys at several potential berthing sites in the areas. Florida is considered a preferred berthing area due to its year round warm climate and because it is a desired tourist destination that would provide a large number of annual visitors. When discussions began with the Florida City, the ACVA was not aware that any other group had an interest in ADAMS - however in November 2005 we learned that another Florida City, and others in the Northeast and Midwest are expressing interest in the ADAMS. The ACVA wants to work with any city or group that will provide a home and continued support for the ADAMS, regardless of the location. Our goal is to "Save the ADAMS".

Saving a US Destroyer as a museum ship is a costly endeavor. The estimated cost could be $6-7 million, depending on the actual location. The members of the ACVA are going to attempt to raise $1 million of the amount in addition to donating many hours of experienced labor. Our (former) President, Tom Crosser, (who served on USS Buchanan DDG-14, 1966 to 1968), resides in Phoenix, Arizona and was supported by a Board of Directors who are located in California, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Maine, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The ACVA, INC. represents and supports all ADAMS class ships. Our current membership includes crew from all 23 American DDG's, 2 German DDG's, and others who have never served on a DDG or in the military.

Anyone with an interest is welcome to join in our efforts to preserve the history of the beginning of the Guided Missile Destroyer service. You need not be a DDG sailor, ex-Navy, or ex-military to join our organization. We welcome all who are interested in helping to preserve our nations Naval History for future generations. We currently have no dues, but will accept donation checks, which are tax deductible. Those becoming members and donating $25 or more are assigned an "ACVA Plankowner" number. To complete our simple application, click on the "Join the ACVA" button in the menu.



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