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Adams Class Veterans and their families from the CHARLES F. ADAMS, TATTNALL and WADDELL reunited together at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida from April 14-17, 2013. Over 150 people came together to share their service and to catch up with old shipmates over days that included a tour of St. Augustine and the Naval Station in Mayport where they toured the USS Farragut DDG-99. Each of the ships had meetings and dinners and were briefed on the latest status of the effort to Bring the Adams home to Jacksonville as a ship museum for the class.

A memorial service for shipmates was held at the USS Stark Memorial on the Naval Station with a chaplain and the Naval Station commander and honor guard participating.

On Monday April 15th over 70 veterans and family members of USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 from new construction to decommissioning crews attended a dinner and meeting at the hotel. The great occasion was enjoyed by all and Capt. Bob Branco, USN (Ret) reviewed the history of the ship's service and briefed all on the efforts in the past six years to restore the ship as a museum. On Wednesday night, JHNSA President Dan Bean came to the three ship dinner and recounted the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association's tremendous efforts to Bring the ADAMS Home.

USS Tattnall veteran Dick Harmon who lives in North Florida worked hard for months to organize this great multi-ship reunion and did a fantastic job. Thanks so much, Dick for your dedicated work. The Crowne Plaza staff worked with us to make all of the veterans and their families very happy with them.



Dick Harmon, President of the USS Tattnall DDG-19 Association has invited all USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 veterans to join Tattnall veterans for a joint reunion April 14-18, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida. USS Waddell DDG-24 will also be holding its reunion at the same time. The joint reunion of these Adams Class DDGs will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, where the October Gala event was held this year. This is a tremendous first opportunity for all veterans who served on the Charley Deuce from the different periods of its 30 years of service to come together in a special celebration. The ship reunion groups will be having their own meetings in addition to a joint dinner celebration at the Crowne Plaza. Tours of the Mayport Naval Station, St. Augustine, and Kings Bay Sub Base will be offered in addition to the social events. More details will be provided soon in a Newsletter Update. SIGN UP below, registration for the Crowne Plaza will announced later.



Early in October 1962, the first Soviet SS-4 missiles arrived in Cuba, and American U-2 spy planes discovered them almost at once. President John F. Kennedy knew about them by October 16, but he did not go on television and warn the American public of the risk of nuclear war until October 22, 1962 when he announced a naval blockade of Cuba until Soviet missiles were removed during the Cuban missile crisis.

President John F. Kennedy making a national television speech from Washington

President Kennedy said that the naval blockade of Cuba would stop Soviet ships carrying further missiles from reaching Cuba by force if necessary. That would mean war, and probably nuclear war, but at least the blockade gave the Russians some time to think before the shooting started.

Naval forces under the U.S. Atlantic Command, headed by Admiral Robert L. Dennison (CINCLANT), steamed out to sea, intercepting not only merchant shipping en route to Cuba, but Soviet submarines operating in the area as well. U.S. destroyers and frigates, kept on station through underway replenishment by oilers and stores ships, maintained a month-long naval "quarantine" of the island of Cuba. The crisis was officially over by October 28, and everybody breathed a sigh of relief. It was the closest the world ever came to an all-out nuclear war.

Three new Adams Class Destroyers participated in the naval blockade:
USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2), 24 Oct - 30 Nov 62.
USS Lawrence (DDG-4), 24 Oct - 6 Dec 62.
USS Sellers (DDG-11), 24 Oct - 21 Nov 62

NEWS UPDATE Monday September 24, 2012

Connecting with the ADAMs Family

In the past two weeks the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association and the Adams Class Veterans Association had the great opportunity to meet with members of the Charles F. Adams family in Massachusetts and Florida to provide an update on the effort to save the ex-USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 as a historic ship museum in Jacksonville, Florida.

Bob Branco, President of ACVA and a former commanding officer of the CHARLES F. ADAMS and his wife Tina, were invited by Peter Boylston Adams to a get-together of family and veterans friends in Scituate, Massachusetts. Peter Adams is a cousin of Charles F. Adams III who the Adams Class guided missile destroyers were named for, and a seventh generation descendant of President John Adams. Peter is an Army Vietnam veteran helicopter pilot and he is interested in supporting our effort. He lives near Tampa, Florida. JHNSA/ACVA board member Jim Aldrich met with LCDR Chas Adams in Tampa, Florida to discuss the museum project. Chas is the son of Peter Adams and serves as an intelligence officer and he is planning to attend the October 13 Gala in Jacksonville at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Charles F. Adams III, Secretary of the Navy from 1929 to 1933 under President Herbert Hoover.

DOWNTOWN Adams Class Museum

Recent JHNSA efforts for developing the Adams Class Museum in Downtown Jacksonville have focused on the assessment and design of the former Jacksonville Shipyards pier location on the North Bank of the St. Johns River as an interim site to place the ex-USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2. The existing piers would require less construction funding and could provide an opportunity to develop the area as a recreational and educational site for the Downtown area as well as provide an opportunity for a riverfront park and restaurants for local residents and tourists. Local architect Chris Flagg has been working with JHNSA to design the layout of the area for the ship museum and the surrounding areas on the river. Jacksonville City Council President Bill Bishop, who led the effort to get the Adams Class Ship Museum accepted in a 2010 Ordinance with the City, is supportive of this concept on the North Bank. Marine design engineer Sandy Rice and environmental scientist Gary Howalt continue to provide their valuable experience and technical support to design the pier site.


Captain Jack Jones USN Ret.

We are sad to have to report that Captain Jack Jones USN Ret., the sixth Commanding Officer of USS Charles F. Adams and one of our great ACVA supporters, passed away on August 28, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida. Jack took command of the ADAMS in 1968 and brought her from Charleston to her new homeport in Mayport in July 1969. The ship remained there for the rest of its service life. His generous donations to our effort were special. We will always remember him.

More Support for Adams Class Museum In Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association received a big boost on Friday morning, August 24, 2012 at Jacksonville City Hall when the effort to bring the retired USS Charles F. Adams home was touted during a presentation by the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Team. Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown, some City Council and Chamber of Commerce members, business leaders and media members were among approximately 100 attendees at the hour-long visual presentation and discussion.

A team of IBM experts, funded by a grant from the major technology service company as a part of the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, gave their oral report at the Lynwood Roberts Room in City Hall. The team has been in Jacksonville for three weeks meeting with various organizations, including the Jacksonville Historic Ship Association. When reviewing their recommendations, the only project specifically mentioned after being shown on a progress chart for revitalization was the proposed Naval Ship Museum. The team made up all of IBM staff members in various disciplines from outside of Jacksonville and around the world, was asked to assess Jacksonville’s strengths.

“Natural assets like the river and the tie-in with the military,” said Betsy Greytok, an Austin, Texas, resident and Counsel for IBM’s Systems and Technology Group (STG). These two attributes are personified by the Naval Ship Museum project. The results of the plan are being passed along in an action plan to Mayor Brown. The IBM Smarter Cities Challenge is a worldwide initiative to distribute $50 million worth of services and technical assistance to 100 cities through 2013. The overall suggestion was for a strong focus on the need for mixed-use redevelopment and also support for the mayor’s plan for a Downtown Investment Authority, authorized earlier this month through a unanimous City Council vote.



In the previous three and a half months JHNSA/ACVA has raised $180,000.00 for our fund raising campaign and we engaged a professional fund raising company,, based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The JHNSA Board and team members are working closely with, to increase the local corporate support for the ship museum effort.

Recent meetings with key organizations and prominent figures in Jacksonville have made great progress in our effort to bring home ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS to Jacksonville. In a recent meeting with Wally Lee, President of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and Tony Allegretti, the Director of Downtown Engagement for the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, we gained critical support for the Adams Class Naval Ship Museum. Throughout our effort to accomplish this, we have also have had City Councilman Bill Bishop’s support since 2007. He was the key-leading supporter in the Council’s passing the Ordnance approving the site adjacent to the east side of the Acosta Bridge on the south bank. Currently he is now the President of the Jacksonville City Council.

We have recently been studying the former Jacksonville Shipyard site on the north bank of the St. Johns River now City owned, where some existing piers and a new bulkhead system are located and could serve as an interim location for the warship museum while fundraising for construction of the pier adjacent to the Acosta Bridge continues.

4th Annual JHNSA Gala Weekend

Registration is open for the Fourth Annual 2012 JHNSA Gala weekend scheduled for October 12 and 13, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Join us as we celebrate the major milestone of raising the funds needed to obtain the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) from the U. S. Navy and transfer her back home to Jacksonville!  Meet the city and state leaders and the many folks from around the country who are supporting and working to establish Florida’s first historic Navy ship museum. This year we will be joined by very special national and state leaders as well as shipmates from the USS Voge (FF-1047) and the USS Sellers (DDG-11) who are holding their annual reunions in Jacksonville to support the project! This Fourth Annual Gala weekend is a series of events that grow.



The ACVA recently obtained some very special electronic restoration equipment formerly on the USS Lawrence DDG-4 that the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia had held for many years. The very valuable equipment included an NC-2 Plotter, a Dead Reckoning Tracer, two AN/SPA-66 radar repeaters, and UQN-1 Fathometer and Loran Navigation equipment. The NC-2 plotter was missing on the Charles F. Adams and the SPA-66 Repeaters had been smashed and damaged. The navigation equipment was also missing from the Chart room in the Adams. We also obtained a Desron Two plaque that ACVA Board Member Bob Rumney had obtained, and a very special item - the Charles F. Adams DDG-2 name board that Erich and Kim Diehl in Chesapeake, Virginia donated. They had obtained it after the ship was decommissioned.

Steve Weber and Craig Bernat with SPA-66 Radar Repeater

Ship Name Board donated by Erich and Kim Diehl

ACVA Board members Craig Bernat and Steve Weber picked up the valuable museum items in Philadelphia and drove them to Jacksonville, Florida. Some will be displayed in the Adams Class Museum Visitor center and others will be stored. Our sincere thanks to Craig and Steve for their dedicated support to our effort to Save the Charles F. Adams.


During the Open House in Philadelphia, Craig Bernat took a series of pictures showing the condition of the ship in many of the spaces in all parts of the ship. By clicking on this link, Adams Photo Tour 0510, you can see the ship in its current condition.

The DDG-2 Ship Model kit built for the JHNSA/ACVA is available from

For more information on these model kits go to
Or contact



Jim Bailey, President of Bailey Publishing

This past week, Jim Bailey, the President of Bailey Publishing in Jacksonville and a strong supporter of the joint effort by ACVA and JHNSA to Bring the Adams Home to Jacksonville, Florida as a ship museum has assumed the leadership of the Capital Fundraising Campaign. He has been actively working with JHNSA President Dan Bean and Executive Director John O’Neil to assemble fund raising support from businesses and individuals in Jacksonville. This fundraising campaign is vital to first raising the $200,000 needed to obtain the fundraising staff support. Danny Berenberg, a fundraising professional, has volunteered to organize and launch the effort by training JHNSA Board members for the campaign. If the campaign raises $200,000, JHNSA has received a pledge from an Adams Class Museum supporter to donate $100,000


New important supporters have joined the JHNSA Board to strengthen our fund raising campaign and also gain community and engineering support to make the Adams Class Naval Ship Museum a reality. Retired Admiral Gene Kendall, who served on USS Berkeley DDG-15 as a junior officer and who works at GSO Corporation, has committed to the effort to save CHARLES F. ADAMS.

Joining the JHNSA Board leadership as the Chief Engineer to help coordinate the restoration of the ship is Dan Welch who will retire from BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards this month. Dan was an engineer officer on the USS Charles F. Adams and retired as a Captain in the Navy with many years of engineering experience. Both of these retired officers provide invaluable experience to our help us Bring the Adams Home.

Retired Rear Admiral Vic Guillory, who served on USS Towers (DDG-9) as a junior officer and was recently brought aboard as the Mayor's Military Affairs Department Head, is very well aware of the benefits of having the only naval warship museum in Florida and Georgia in downtown Jacksonville.  All three of these retired officers provide invaluable experience to our help us "Bring the Home the Adams."



The Importance of 2012

As many ACVA veterans know our effort to save the ex-USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 has been a long and dedicated one to this point. Our number one priority is to raise sufficient funding to be able to restore the ship and build the pier next to the Acosta Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida. This year fundraising is critical to obtain more time to accomplish this goal we have worked towards for so many years. We need the help of ACVA Veterans and DDG-2 Ship Associations to join with the JHNSA in Jacksonville to obtain as many donations as we can to be allowed to have more time to raise the funds to do this. Our special thanks to so many of the veterans and associations over the past several years who have already contributed so much to get us to this project.

SPECIAL THANKS TO ACVA BOARD MEMBER John Skiffington, who recently donated $1000 to JHNSA for Saving the Charles F. Adams. We greatly appreciate your dedication and generosity for our effort.




I (the webmaster) just received the following information from Dan Bean, JHNSA President; via Dave Myerly:

Please consider this and pass it on to your crew mates so those interested may think about making plans. Some said last year the first notice of dates was made too late for them to consider attending.

JHNSA Event Dates - October 12 & 13, 2012
Jacksonville, Florida
(More details will be posted on the web sites as available)

Per Dan, - Our JHNSA Gala Committee has already met three times. We look forward to seeing you all there. More to follow but the dates are locked in.



From November 14-17, an ACVA team worked hard in Philadelphia at an Open House to obtain more restoration equipment for the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2). Thanks to the skillful rigging of John Quigley and the hard work of all, unique electronics were collected to help restore systems on the Charley Deuce removed or damaged after it was decommissioned.

Steve Weber, John Quigley and Mike Mullin

Back (Craig Bernat, Bob Branco) Front (John Quigley, Tim Kraft, Steve Weber)

The Open House was a reunion with the CHARLES F. ADAMS for Tim Kraft who was a Sonar Tech on the ship in the late 1960s and for Mike Mullin who was an Electronic Warfare Tech who served on the ADAMS in the early 1980s when Bob Branco was the CO.

John Quigley, John O’Neil, Mike Mullin, Craig Bernat, Steve Weber

During the four days of work the seven man team obtained over 120 pieces of electronics, fire control, damage control, IC/ electrical and engineering equipment. Some of this equipment is shown in the CHARLES F. ADAMS mess deck where it is being stored. It was an enjoyable week for all who participated.


Florida Governor Rick Scott, who served in the Navy on the USS Glover in the early 1970s, was the guest of honor for the Gala on Saturday night, October 15. Governor Scott arrived at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel before hundreds of attendees from the region, around the country and from as far away as Australia. He mingled with guests for over two hours talking about his Naval experiences and hopes for Florida’s future. The Governor was introduced to the guests by JHNSA President Dan Bean and Toney Sleiman, the owner of The Jacksonville Landing.

“One thing great about our state, Jacksonville in particular, is people start things like this,” Governor Scott said. “They happen. It starts with a few people. The individuals who started this did it for the right reasons. It’s something to be proud of – our Navy heritage, especially right here in Jacksonville. It will be nice when it’s finished and here. I look forward to the day when I can walk on the Adams.”

The Gala was highlighted by a large successful Silent Auction of a wide variety of special items donated by the JHNSA’s supporters in Jacksonville. In addition, John O’Neil, the Executive Director of the JHNSA, and his wife Carol made a donation of $10,000 to the cause. O’Neil, a Surface Warfare Officer with more than 30 years of active duty, has been instrumental in the fund-raising drive to bring the Adams home.


To All ACVA Members from Bob Branco:

The ACVA Board and I want to thank you for the tremendous support you have given our effort during the past several years. Your donations from individuals and ship associations have made it possible for us to get the professional support required to submit an outstanding Donation Application to NAVSEA as well as obtain the needed technical support to complete engineering and environmental work in Jacksonville for obtaining the City of Jacksonville's approval of the site next to the Acosta Bridge. The attached newsletter describes the hard work of the ACVA and the JHNSA teaming together to have the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS donated to become the Adams Class Naval Ship Museum in Jacksonville.

In addition to meeting with Governor Rick Scott and the staff of new Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown JHNSA President Dan Bean has recently updated NAVSEA's Captain Chris Pietras on our project efforts at the Navsea office. The discussions have all been positive and the key step at this point is getting significant fund raising accomplished over the next several months to keep the ship on Donation Hold. JHNSA is working with many key Jacksonville businesses and public figures to obtain the donations to expand the fund raising campaign in north Florida. All of you have been key to our success and we thank you for the support you have given us...Bob

Click on this link to read the latest Newsletter


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


From June 20 to June 23, 2011, a team of Adams Class veterans visited the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) which is currently at the U. S. Navy's Inactive Ship's Facility at the former Naval Base in Philadelphia, PA. The group participated in an "Open House" sponsored by the Naval Sea Systems Command where ship museums are allowed to collect restoration equipment from non-museum, deactivated ships. The team of veterans was comprised of ADAMS Class Veterans Association (ACVA) and Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) members Steve Weber, former Electricians Mate Second Class and "Plank Owner" on USS Semmes (DDG-18), Bill Reinard, Hull Technician Second Class on USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2), John Quigley, Yeoman Third Class on USS Earl K. Olson (DD-765), and Bob Branco, Captain USN (Ret), former Commanding Officer of USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2), and President of ACVA.

Working in the heat the team was able to obtain a sizeable number of equipment items which will be used to restore the ADAMS so that she may serve as a Naval Ship Museum in Jacksonville. On June, 23 John O'Neil, Captain, USN (Ret), former Operations Officer on the USS Lynde McCormick (DDG-8) and Executive Director of JHNSA, joined in the effort. In addition, John O'Neil surveyed the ADAMS, reviewing the plans of JHNSA to establish the USS Charles F. Adams as the ADAMS Class Naval Ship Museum as a Naval Ship Museum in Jacksonville, Florida.

The equipment items included firefighting and damage control equipment, Interior Communications switchboard equipment, sound powered telephone circuit equipment and other electrical items, and Combat Information Center and Radio Central electronics equipment. In addition, important fire control system electronics units were obtained to restore key systems on the USS Charles F. Adams.

Bill Reinhard, John O'Neil, John Quigley, Steve Weber, Bob Branco

Electronics and fire control equipment on the Mess Decks of the Charlie Deuce


Friday, June 10, 2011

Billboards in Jacksonville Now Advertise the ADAMS Class Museum

Digital billboards touting "Bring Home the Adams" are now in place at five locations around Jacksonville, Florida. The blue-and-gold digital boards state "Bring Home the Adams" and show the web site address, along with the ADAMS Class Museum logo. The locations include Southside Boulevard at Beach Boulevard, San Jose Boulevard at Old St. Augustine Road, Beach Boulevard and Aldridge Mall, I-95 at University Boulevard and Philips Highway at Southside Boulevard.

Here is a picture of one of the billboards!

Our Media and PR Committee are now working on radio and TV spots and a digital spot for the Internet.

Thanks to Scott-McRae Advertising, Clear Channel Outdoor and Farah and Farah for their assistance in putting our ADAMS Class Museum advertising on these billboards!

Friday, June 10, 2011


On May 28, 2011 BaD Ship Models owner and ACVA/JHNSA Member Keith Mullen presented an impressive model of the USS Wisconsin to the Nauticus ship museum in Norfolk, Virginia. His skillful artwork created an outstanding display for the museum and he made the announcement over radio and TV that part of the proceeds from future sales of any Wisconsin models would be donated to the efforts to save the Charles F. Adams.

The City of Norfolk has assumed stewardship of the Battleship Wisconsin, which is now included in regular Nauticus admission. Admission fees help preserve and maintain the battleship for future generations. Berthed at Nauticus, the Battleship Wisconsin is one of the largest and last battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy. Explore its deck through a self-guided or audio tour that will take you back in time to experience this majestic ship that earned five battle stars during World War II.


Thursday, May 12, 2011


Recently the ACVA received a $1500 Violet Level hull Plate sponsorship from Jane Willson in memory of her husband Ron who served on DDG-2 from 1963-65. He joined the Navy in September of 1961 and was on board the Adams during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During his time in the Navy, he sailed the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Mediterranean. He received the Royal Order of the Blue Noses card on September 21, 1964 for those who have crossed the Arctic Circle. He was discharged honorably on September 24, 1967 as an FTM2 and loved his time in the Navy and was proud of his service. After leaving the Navy, he became a draftsman for the Bechtel Construction Company for 26 years. ACVA thanks Jane Willson, Ron's wife of 30 years and their children Rob and Jennifer for their special memorial donation.

   Ron Willson


Friday, April 15, 2011

JHNSA Makes Presentation to Florida Governor SCOTT

The Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association made a presentation to Florida Governor Rick Scott for the State of Florida on Friday evening, April 15, at The Jacksonville Landing in Downtown Jacksonville, honoring Governor Scott’s Naval service.

Governor Scott served for 29 months on the USS Glover, beginning in 1971, as a radar technician on the Garcia-class frigate. Governor Scott and the State of Florida were presented with a detailed model of the USS Glover, as prepared by Barry Kryspin, a JHNSA member and Master Modeler. The presentation took place in the Adams Class Museum store located on the first floor of The Landing, with the Governor reminiscing about his time on board.

The Jacksonville Landing has a full view of the proposed site for the retired guided missile destroyer USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2). The JHNSA is working to bring the Adams back to Jacksonville as an interactive attraction downtown on the South bank of the St. Johns River adjacent to the Acosta Bridge.

“As a Naval veteran, it is an honor for our organization to make this presentation to another Naval veteran, Governor Rick Scott, for the State of Florida,” said Daniel K. Bean, President of the JHNSA. “Having the support of Governor Scott is another step in reinforcing how important bringing the Adams back to Jacksonville is to our community and region. When fully operational, the Adams interactive attraction will result in the addition of 28 jobs and an economic impact of approximately $3 million to the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in this area. We look forward to this continuing effort.”

JHNSA with Governor: Florida Governor Rick Scott (center) with (L-R) Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association Executive Director John O'Neil, JHNSA President Dan Bean, JHNSA Vice President Joe Snowberger (back), JHNSA Member and Model Maker Barry Kryspin and The Jacksonville Landing owner Tony Sleiman.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

JHNSA Holds First Annual Golf Fundraiser: On Thursday, April 7th, the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) held it's First Annual Golf Fundraiser to help "Bring Home the USS Charles F. Adams to Jacksonville". Executive Director John O'Neil worked his organizational magic along with volunteer Bob Salser to recruit players, sponsors, and donors for the event. They also collected numerous items for the Silent Auction. The Golf Fundraiser was held at the Queen's Harbour Golf & Country Club. Players had a light breakfast, teed off at 9:00 AM and finished in time for a delicious buffet of pulled pork bar-b-q and grilled chicken with all the fixings, plus cookies and brownies for dessert. Sixty-three players in three flights enjoyed the event, which included many prizes. The event players, along with our sponsors, helped the JHNSA raise almost $10,000. We also signed up 7 new JHNSA members. BAE South Shipyards sent 8 golfers to play and several of them had been USS Adams men! A small world indeed.

Click here to see Golf Events pictures (Webmaster Note: This is a link to the JHNSA Photo page. I have not received any photos from the golf event yet).


For over three years the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) and the ACVA have been teamed together to save the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS as the ADAMS CLASS NAVAL SHIP MUSEUM in Jacksonville, Florida. JHNSA has established a Membership Program that will help build support for Bringing the Adams Home to her old homeport. All of those interested in making this happen are encouraged to show your support and become Members of JHNSA. By clicking this link you can go to the JHNSA web site and become a JHNSA member. Membership dues are $25/year for Regular Membership, and for those able to more fully support the Museum effort, Sustaining Membership is $125/year.



At a recent JHNSA Board meeting, Daniel K. Bean, a commercial trial attorney in Jacksonville, Fla., and a Navy surface warfare veteran, was elected to be the new President of the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association. Bean, a 45-year-old Alexandria, Va., native, is a partner in the Jacksonville law firm of Holland & Knight. He attended Vanderbilt University on a Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship. As the outgoing President of The Jacksonville Bar Association, he is a decorated barrister with numerous awards, memberships and published writings. Bean also possesses a strong Navy background, having served as a Surface Warfare Officer beginning with a stint on the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) as a Midshipman with an underway period to Guantanamo Bay Cuba for ship training.

Daniel Bean
Bean served on board the USS Voge (FF-1047), home ported in Mayport, and made a Mediterranean deployment and later served as Navigator on the USS Fanning (FF-1076), home ported in San Diego, and deployed to the Persian Gulf. He also served as an Instructor at the Surface Warfare Officers School Pacific before attending law school at the University of San Diego on a Navy Law Education Program scholarship. He currently serves as a Captain in the Navy Reserve as a Judge Advocate General, and is the Commanding Officer of Naval Reserve Regional Legal Service Office Southeast.

NEWS UPDATE February 6, 2011

Jeff Zahratka, who's first ship was the USS Lawrence (DDG-4), has written a book about his career in the Navy, called Sweepers Sweepers Man Your Brooms. This book is now available through the JHNSA, see the JHNSA Visitor's Center for details.



Recently added to the items on display at the Adams Class Museum Visitor Center in the Jacksonville Landing is a TSAM obtained from Great Lakes with the assistance of Craig Bernat and Jim Donaldson and restored with the hard work of ACVA/JHNSA member Wayne Misenar. Other ship restoration items for the museum are the WSC-1 Antenna shown to the left of the TSAM and radar repeaters and other equipment recovered from DDG-2 ships.


An editorial in the Florida Times Union on Sunday January 9, 2011 outlined all of the key points that make the Adams Class Ship Museum a major contributor to Jacksonville's future growth of tourism. The information cited included other ship museums in other parts of the country including the USS Midway Museum in San Diego and their strong contributions to their city's attraction for tourism and business. This link will take you to the editorial.



This evening, at about 5:45 PM, the Jacksonville City Council voted 15-0 UNANIMOUSLY to approve Ordinance 2010-675, which gives the City of Jacksonville's formal support for berthing the ADAMS Class Museum, utilizing the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, alongside the Acosta Bridge in downtown Jacksonville on the south bank of the St Johns River. This is one of the key legislative steps in satisfying the US Navy requirement to demonstrate the availability of a permanent berth for ADAMS for at least 10 years. Great work by the JHNSA team of Bert Watson and John O'Neil who worked hard with Councilman Bill Bishop, the sponsor of the Ordinance to make this happen.



In the Museum Visitors Center at the Jacksonville Landing on display is one of the two WSC-1 Satcom Antennas obtained for the restoration of USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2. The AN/SPS-40 and AN/SPS-10 antennas are on display at the Armed Forces Military Museum in Largo, Florida. Former Adams crewman Jim Donaldson who picked up the antennas from Brownsville, Texas restored this antenna and mounted it for display in the Visitors Center. Many thanks to Jim for all of his devoted work to our restoration effort.

The USS SELLERS (DDG-11) Association votes to donate $2,500 to the ADAMS Class Museum effort.

During their recent Reunion the Sellers Association voted to donate$2500 to help the effort to establish the last US Navy ADAMS Class Guided Missile Destroyer as a Naval Ship Museum on the banks of the St Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville, FL. In addition, the SELLERS Association voted to hold their next Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida, during the fall "Navy Fleet Week 2012".


Steve Weber, Bob Branco, Herm Chambers, Jim Aldrich, Craig Bernat

Some ACVA Board members attending the recent October Event in Jacksonville included current members Steve Weber, Bob Branco, Jim Aldrich and Craig Bernat. It was great to have former ACVA Treasurer Herm Chambers present all the way from California to be with us.


ACVA would like to provide a restoration update on Hull Plate Donations. As of this date we have had seven DDG-2 Ship Associations and three individuals who have donated a total of 14 hull plates for the restoration of USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2. For those who wish to contribute to this important cause you can go to the RESTORATION FUND DONATION PROGRAMS button on the left hand of the ACVA Home page to find about how to contribute and to check on the status of donors to date.Many thanks to all of our contributors in this effort.

* Capt John (Jack) L. Jones (Ret) 6th CO of USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 Hull plate Nr.2
* USS Lawrence Association DDG-4 & DD-250 – Three hull plates
* USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-5 Crewmembers Association – Two hull plates
* USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8 Association – One hull plate
* USS Goldsborough DDG-20 Association – One hull plate
* Patrick Taylor served on USS Goldsborough DDG-29 – One hull plate
* Michael Riley served on USS Hoel DDG-13 – One hull plate
* USS Strauss DDG-16 Association – One hull plate
* USS Conyngham DDG-17 Association – One hull plate
* USS Waddell DDG-24 Association – Two hull plates



This Ordinance is the City of Jacksonville's formal support for berthing the ADAMS Class Museum, utilizing the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, alongside the Acosta Bridge in downtown Jacksonville on the south bank of the St Johns River. This is one of the key legislative steps in satisfying the US Navy requirement to demonstrate the availability of a permanent berth for ADAMS for at least 10 years. All of the City Council committees have recommended approval of the Ordinance. The next step in this process is the City Council vote on this legislation on Tuesday 12 October.




AN/SPS-10 Surface Search and AN/SPS-40 Air Radar Antennas

In October of 2008 the ACVA had requested that the Navy donate the two radar antennas that were removed from the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS when it was decommissioned in 1990. The antennas shown above were obtained from the USS Austin currently in Brownsville, Texas undergoing the scrapping process. ACVA veteran, Jim Donaldson, who had served on board the CHARLES F. ADAMS as a CWO3 Warrant Machinist, picked up the antennas a week ago and delivered them to the Armed Forces Military Museum in Largo, Florida where they will be displayed as the donation process of the ADAMS continues.

Jim Donaldson – AN/WSC-1 antennas

AFFM – Largo, Florida

The two radar antennas and the AN/WSC-1 satellite communications antennas above will be used to restore the ADAMS to its original appearance while in service. The AN/WSC- 1 antennas will be displayed at the Jacksonville Landing in the Museum Visitor Center.



During the week of May 17, 2010 ACVA members participated in the Inactive Ships Open House in Philadelphia. ACVA Treasurer Craig Bernat and John Quigley are shown getting ready to unload two signal searchlights and damage control fittings that will be used in the restoration of former USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2.

During previous trips to Philadelphia, the ACVA has obtained radio transceivers, teletypes, AN/UYK-20 computers and a SPA-25 radar repeater. All are stored onboard the ADAMs ready to be used to help restore the damaged or missing equipment onboard.


During the Open House in Philadelphia, Craig Bernat took a series of pictures showing the condition of the ship in many of the spaces in all parts of the ship. By clicking on this link, Adams Photo Tour 0510, you can see the ship in its current condition.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This morning, the Finance Committee of the Jacksonville City Council voted "out of the committee" with a 5-0 vote Ordinance 2010-675. This Ordinance is the City of Jacksonville's formal support for berthing the ADAMS Class Museum, utilizing the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, alongside the Acosta Bridge in downtown Jacksonville on the south bank of the St Johns River. This is one of the key legislative steps in satisfying the US Navy requirement to demonstrate the availability of a permanent berth for ADAMS for at least 10 years. The next step in this process is the City Council vote on this legislation on Tuesday 12 October. Councilman Bill Bishop and the members of the Finance Committee worked diligently with the Office of General Counsel to tune up the Ordinance to everyone's satisfaction and the bill has been moved forward.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The USS SELLERS (DDG-11) Association during their recent Reunion voted to donate $2,500 to the ADAMS Class Museum effort.

The Association will be sending a check this week to help the effort to establish the last US Navy ADAMS Class Guided Missile Destroyer as a Naval Ship Museum on the banks of the St Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville, FL.

In addition, the SELLERS Association voted to hold their next Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida, during the fall "Navy Fleet Week 2012".

Monday, October 4, 2010


Click here to view the press release

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jacksonville defers Adams ordinance two weeks

The Jacksonville City Council has voted to defer voting on the Adams ordinance for two weeks. For more details, click here.

The last few paragraphs in the article are not related to our project. In addition, the following is from Visitor Center Manager Pat Stroud, reference the comments in the article about removing a dock in that area:

"the Pier design effort has always called for the demolishment of an approximately 40' x 40' heavily timbered decked western most end of the south bank river walk. This is the city owned portion of its dilapidated river walk that is on state submerged lands and needs to removed so we can construct the "ramp" from the top of the FDOT owned JTA managed parking lot that runs under the Acosta Bridge. This is on the pier design and is readable when you enlarge the portion of the River Consulting now Halcrow plan and you can read the words. Nothing has been kept from any membership, it is in the plan. We need to share the current submerged lands location with the city so we can run the pier ashore and gain access to FDOT land above the HWL to the parking lot"

JHNSA Fundraiser

The Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association and the ADAMS Class Veterans Association are holding the second annual series of fundraising events in Jacksonville, FL on Thursday & Friday, October 21 & 22, 2010. The events include a Reception and Banquet. This is also the weekend of "Jacksonville Salutes The Sea Services", and numerous other events are scheduled for the Jax downtown riverfront area, including US Navy and Coast Guard ship tours. Sign Up now!

Click here for details and signup information.

Public Hearing to receive Comments from the Public Held at Jax City Council Meeting on ADAMS Berth Site

Tuesday, August 24, 2010   At tonight's Jacksonville City Council Meeting, a Public Hearing was held to receive Comments from the Public on the proposed legislation which will give the City of Jacksonville's formal support for berthing the ADAMS Class Museum, utilizing the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, alongside the Acosta Bridge in downtown Jacksonville on the south bank of the St Johns River. This is one of the key legislative steps in satisfying the US Navy requirement to demonstrate the availability of a permanent berth for ADAMS for at least 10 years.

Approximately 35 supporters of the ADAMS Class Museum were present. The following individuals spoke before the City Council in support of the ADAMS Class Museum: Bert Watson (President, JHNSA), Dan Bean (CAPT, JAG, USNR of Holland & Knight, who is assisting JHNSA), CAPT Bill Moredock, USN RET (former DESRON 14 Commander), Dan McCarthy (Chief Assistant State Attorney, CAPT, JAG, USNR, and former Military Affairs Liaison for Jacksonville Mayor), Brenda Campbell (Jax OMNI Hotel), Janice Dailey (Crowne Plaza Hotel), Dick Aquino (Veterans Volunteer and representative of several local Jacksonville Veterans' groups), and Jack Sears (Boy Scouts of America representative). These speakers spoke of the economic and civic benefits to downtown Jacksonville in having the ADAMS Class Museum located at the proposed berth site.

The legislation now goes to various City Council Committees for review, after which it will return to the City Council for a vote.

Currently, seven (7) out of the 18 City Council Members are either Sponsors or Co-Sponsors of the legislation.


08/13/10 The Florda Times-Union newspaper (Jacksonville) has posted a video clip about the Adams Class Museum Visitors Center on their website. You can view the video via this link:

This is a replacement for the link which we posted yesterday - the sound has been fixed and the article includes detailed text.


Jacksonville City Council Member Bill Bishop has been working with Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) leaders Bert Watson and John O’Neil to develop Ordinance 2010 over the past two months. When approved by the City Council Ordinance 2010-675 would “provide the City of Jacksonville’s formal support for and help to the efforts of the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) to coordinate local, state and federal authorities to bring the retired naval vessel USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) to Downtown Jacksonville as a floating museum.” Over the next several weeks’ Council committees will discuss and review Ordinance 2010-675 before voting on it. The law firm of Holland and Knight provided the JHNSA with legal counsel for the Ordinance, and Halcrow Group assisted with engineering support with the Florida Department of Transportation coordination. The approval of this ordinance would be a major step forward for the Adams Class Museum effort.


     For all Adams Class Veterans there will be the second annual event from October 21-23, 2010 to support the effort to “Bring Home the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS” as a ship museum honoring all of the ships of the class in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) and the Adams Class Veterans Association (ACVA) will be hosting the event at the four-star Omni Hotel in Downtown Jacksonville, a block from the Jacksonville Landing where the ADAMS Class Museum Visitor Center is located. There will be a mini-Fleet week with several ships moored Downtown and we will get these activities and times out to you!

Thursday October 21 from 2:30-4 PM the first 40 attendees who sign up may attend a rehearsal of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra at the Times Union Center for the Performing Arts. Later a Welcome Reception will be held at 5:45 PM at the Visitor Center in the Jacksonville Landing.

On Friday night a banquet will be held at the Omni at 1830. Our guest speaker will be Vice Admiral James Amerault, USN (Ret.) the President and CEO of OTO-Melara North America and a new Board Member of the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) and a strong supporter of the Adams Class Museum.

Fees for all events are: $125 per person – Thursday only is $55 pp and Friday only is $70 pp.

For a room reservation please call 1-800-843-6664 and ask for the Omni Hotel, Jacksonville, FL and ask for the “Adams Reunion” rate ($79 plus tax – the rate is good till 1 October). Several parking options are available - at the hotel and nearby, but if you are flying in, taking the shuttle from the airport is easier.
     Please mail your $125 event fee no later than 1 October to:
     Event Coordinator,
     Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association,
     2 Independent Drive, Suite 144,
     Jacksonville, Florida 32202. PH 904-647-5177
     The ADAMS Class Museum Visitor Center is open M - Sat 1000 -1730


The USS King DLG-10/DDG-41 Association Donation

The USS King DLG-10 / DDG-41 Association held their annual reunion in Orlando, Florida the weekend of June 19/20, 2010. During the business portion of their meeting they voted to officially support the efforts of the ACVA and donate $5000. Our sincerest thanks and regards to this group and we will use the donation wisely.

Robert J. Branco
ACVA President



ACVA and the JHNSA (Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association) have teamed together for the last couple of years to bring the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2 back to her former homeport in Jacksonville. Last fall the ADAMS Class Museum Visitor Center was opened in the Jacksonville Landing with a combination of DDG-2 ship equipment and memorabilia on display as well as a great selection of military ball caps, shirts and other items provided by Eagle Crest, Inc. supporting the museum effort. The JHNSA’s Board of Directors and public support is growing in Jacksonville. The JHNSA’s new web site at is operating now with up to date information on the Museum project. A link is on the Site Navigation bar on the left.

From October 21-23 Jacksonville will be hosting a Salute the Sea Services event where visit ships from the Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine will be present. In addition, a Blue Angels air show and other celebrations will be taking place. The JHNSA and ACVA will be hosting a dinner at the Omni Hotel on October 22, 2010 to “Bring the USS Charles F. Adams Home”. All Navy and Merchant Marine veterans will be invited to the event, and all Adams Class DDG veterans and members of the Jacksonville community will be encouraged to attend. The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Rick West has been invited to be our guest speaker.

In the early stages on February 26, 2008 the Jacksonville City Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting the potential of establishing the ex-USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) as a ship museum on the South Bank of the St. Johns River between the River City Brewing Company and the Acosta Bridge in Jacksonville. The ACVA and JHNSA submitted the first Ship Donation Application to NAVSEA PMS 333 on March 31, 2008, comprised of 826 pages. The revised Application was submitted to NAVSEA on January 30, 2009. The JHNSA is currently working to get the City Council to pass legislation for a 10 year mooring plan at the location next to the Acosta Bridge. To date the JHNSA and ACVA have raised over $160,000 in cash and $880,000 of in kind services to the effort to make CHARLES F. ADAMS a ship museum in Jacksonville.

DDG-2 Ship Model Built by Keith Mullen

Jacksonville Naval Ship Museum Store Grand Opening
November 7, 2009

Meghan Bernat enjoying ADAMS Class hardware
that is on display inside JHNSA Store



Captain John L. ((Jack) Jones



Recently the Jacksonville Daily Record published a great article on the JHNSA Store at the Jacksonville Landing in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The article includes photos of the store and its displays. Below is the link to that story:



Our Major Donors page has been updated based on recent events including the opening of our Museum Store provided by the Jacksonville Landing, and the tremendous sponsorship by Eagle Crest who provided the outstanding selection of military memorabilia for the store.

Our efforts in restoring the USS Charles F. Adams DD-2 progresses as individuals and ship associations sponsor hull plates for the repair to the ship’s hull when the ship is dry docked in the future.

  • Capt. John L. Jones USN (Ret.) 6th CO of USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 (1)
  • USS Lawrence Association DDG-4/DD-250 (3 plates)
  • USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-5 Association (2 plates)
  • USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8 Association (1)
  • Michael Riley served on USS Hoel DDG-13 (1)
  • USS Conyngham Association DDG-17 (1)
  • USS Goldsborough DDG-20 Association (1)
  • Pat Taylor served on USS Goldsborough DDG-20 (1) (President of USS Goldsborough DDG-20 Association)



    At the recent Adams Class Naval Ship Museum Commanding Officer event in Jacksonville during the first week of November, Larry and Marjorie Caney enjoyed the reception, dinner and opening of the Jacksonville Landing Museum Store. Two weeks later Captain Caney tragically passed away from a massive stroke after a morning bike ride. He was 88. Captain Caney was the first Commanding Officer of USS Henry B. Wilson DDG-7, putting her in commission on December 17, 1960 and serving until he was relieved in July 27 1962. His career spanned 40 years from his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1943, participation in World War II landings at North Africa, Normandy and Southern France, and six sea commands including Destroyer Squadron Commander in the Vietnam War. He participated in the development of the Spruance Class Destroyer, and his last act in uniform was as Guest Speaker at the decommissioning of USS Henry B. Wilson DDG-7. ACVA and JHNSA have sent our condolences to his family. He will be missed.


    Recent Adams Class Naval Ship Museum Commanding Officer Events November 5-7, 2009

    Goldsborough Association President, Pat Taylor, presents the $2500 donation check authorized by the Association sponsoring a hull plate in memory of seven shipmates who lost their lives while serving on Goldsborough to Capt. Bob Branco, USN (Ret.) ACVA President, former CO of USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 and former XO of DDG 20. At Pat’s left is RADM George Huchting, USN (Ret.) former CO of USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2. On the far right is ADM Jonathan Howe, USN (Ret.) the Guest Speaker of the Dinner on Friday night and former CO of USS Berkeley DDG-15.

    On Thursday evening November 5th, the first of the Adams Class Museum events took place; a Reception for former Commanding Officers, Adams Class Crewmen and Sponsors at the River City Brewing Company located on the South bank of the St. Johns River next to the Acosta Bridge. The event was extremely well attended and all had a spectacular view of the St. Johns River at the proposed location for the new pier that will be the future home of the Adams Class Naval Ship Museum.

    On Friday evening, the Dinner Commemorating Adams Class Ship Commanding Officers was held in the OMNI Hotel, beginning with a reception and Silent Auction. Over 150 Navy veterans and Jacksonville City Officials, businesses, and community leaders attended the dinner. During the Reception, a model of the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) built and donated by Keith Mullen, owner of BaD Ship Models was on display. Also during the Reception, a large number of donated items were put up for Silent Auction to raise funds for the Adams Class museum. To raise additional funds for the Museum, Keith Mullen donated two DDG-2 model kits for the raffle.

    DDG-2 Ship Model Built by Keith Mullen

    After the Reception, everyone headed into the ballroom for the Dinner. Each table had a framed picture of one of the ships of the Adams Class of guided missile destroyers. Following dinner, Captain Bob Branco (former C.O. of Adams and President of ACVA) gave a presentation on the status of our efforts to set up the Adams Class Museum. Rear Admiral George Huchting shared his thoughts on why these ships were so significant, and how the Adams Class Museum should be used to educate the youth of today and tomorrow. Next, our Guest Speaker, Admiral Jonathan Howe USN (Ret) spoke eloquently regarding the Cold War, and the role that was played by the Adams Class Destroyers. He made it very clear that there was a compelling case to be made for telling the story of the Cold War, how the USA was successful in winning that very difficult struggle against Communism, and how the story of the US Navy and the Adams Class needs to be told through the Adams Class Museum. Finally, Councilman John Meserve, former Mayor of Jacksonville, gave a strong endorsement of the Adams Class Museum. It's important to note that the dinner attendees included a number of Jacksonville City Council members and local businessmen. The dinner concluded with remarks by JHNSA President Bert Watson.

    On Saturday, many of the event attendees headed out to Jacksonville Beach in buses provided by JHNSA to see the Jacksonville Sea & Sky Spectacular - Blue Angels Air Show. Later Saturday evening, everyone walked over to The Jacksonville Landing, to attend the Grand Opening of the JHNSA Museum Store. A large crowd assembled and was in awe of what they saw. In the front window was Keith Mullen’s 1/96 model of Charles F. Adams. In the center of the Store are 10 foot long models of the USS GRIDLEY and USS PORTER, on loan from the Jacksonville Maritime Museum. Over half a dozen displays show numerous items from the Adams Class ships, such as a General Alarm, sound powered phone sets, communications equipment, navigation lights and a radar repeater. Diagrams showing the proposed pier to berth Adams, along with Hull Plate Donation Program schematics, are on display. On the walls, a vast number of items are on sale, courtesy of Eagle Crest. Within the store is the largest display of military hats in the US as well as Adams Class Museum patches, ball caps, coffee mugs, license plates, and dog tags.

    Jacksonville Naval Ship Museum Store Grand Opening
    November 7, 2009

    Meghan Bernat enjoying ADAMS Class hardware
    that is on display inside JHNSA Store

    Retired Captain John L. (Jack) Jones became the largest individual donor to the effort to save his former ship the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2. Jack commanded the Charley Deuce from April 10, 1968 until September 11, 1969. He is the CO who took ADAMS from its home port of Charleston, SC to Mayport, FL. To his friends he is known as Captain Mustang, because he served as an enlisted Aviation Electronics Technician from 1943 to 1955 before receiving his commission from OCS. Jack’s 45 years of dedicated naval service included four commands, three ships and Commander Destroyer Squadron Twelve in Mayport, Florida. Recently he donated $5,000 to ACVA, bringing his total contributions to over $7,150. ACVA thanks Captain Jones for his dedicated military service and very special unselfish support of our efforts to save his former command as a ship museum.


    Recently the USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8 Association generously contributed $4605 to ACVA for our efforts to save ex-USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2. Thirty contributors topped by Jim Hirshfield’s $1,000 personal donation. We send our thanks to Bob Wefald, President of the USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8 Association veterans, for their generous donations to our effort.


    The USS Richard L. Page DEG-5 / FFG-5 Association and CAW Marine Services combined to donate $2,000 to ACVA to host a table at the ACVA / JHNSA Jacksonville Nov. 6, 2009 event to honor all DDG Commanding Officers. We thank them for their generous contributions to memorialize the ADAMS Class DDG ships.

    NEWS JULY 24, 2009



    For the last couple of years Major Supporter and ACVA Member donations have been used in the long process of submitting our Donation Application for ex-USS Charles F. Adams. This process included engineering surveys, marketing studies, environmental studies and permitting. Our ACVA team has donated over $650,000 dollars of cash and in-kind labor to support the project by developing the Donation Application and obtaining all types of shipboard equipment to restore the CHARLES F. ADAMS. In addition, DDG-2 will need to be dry docked and have major hull repairs conducted by a shipyard.

    We are opening this significant fund raising drive in hopes of involving larger numbers of DDG-2 veterans. We also want to include Ship Association Groups, companies and/or individuals who would contribute to restoring/replacing the 1245 4 X 8 foot sections of hull plating for the ex- USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2 and Yards O’ Concrete for pier construction or restoration. In addition, we are planning local Jacksonville Fund Raising Events starting this Fall and we could use volunteers to assist in us in the events.

    THIS LINK will provide the details of how you and your shipmates can help us “Restore the CHARLES F. ADAMS.”


    All Adams Class Veterans in the vicinity of Jacksonville, Florida interested in supporting fund raising events are urged to contact Craig Bernat, ACVA Treasurer and Fund Raising Chairman:

    NEWS UPDATE - MARCH 17, 2009


    The ACVA and JHNSA recently completed an important Material Donation Agreement with NAVSEA to obtain antennas for the restoration of ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2). The antennas shown above will be removed from a ship undergoing scrapping in the near future and provided to ACVA/JHNSA for display while the Ship Donation process continues. The radar antennas will be displayed in the Armed Forces Military Museum in Largo, Florida and the satellite communications antennas will be displayed with other DDG-2 class memorabilia and museum information at the Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville. Keeping the items on public display is required until the ship begins the restoration process after the Navy officially donates it as a museum. This is a significant step in restoring the ship to its former appearance as an active Navy Ship..


    (ACVA members Steve Weber, Bill Reinhard, and Craig Bernat)

    Ex- USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 Restoration Effort

    The ACVA and JHNSA began the effort to develop restoration plans for the ADAMS in November and December of 2008. From 17-21 November five members participated in a NAVSEA Open House in Philadelphia at the Inactive Ship Facility. Steve Weber, Bill Reinhard, Craig Bernat, Jim Lappegaard, and Bob Branco visited four Navy ships that are planned for disposal. They obtained important pieces of equipment that had been removed from the CHARLES F. ADAMS during her many years in that facility, and placed that equipment on board the ADAMS. The ACVA and JHNSA are also filing a Material Donation request with NAVSEA to obtain replacement SPS-40 and SPS-10 radar and WSC-1 satellite communications antennas that are important for restoring the appearance of the ship during her last operating days at sea.




    RIGHT - Bob Hoffman
    (facing camera in the background), Jacksonville ACVA Board Member and JHNSA President Bert Watson and ACVA Member Tim Nightingale show the kids the inside and outside of a SPA-25 Radar Repeater.

    The beginnings of Navy Birthday Celebration started on Thursday morning when ACVA Treasurer Craig Bernat picked up Bert Watson in Fairfax, VA. Craig’s truck was full of guided missile destroyer shipboard equipment that was being transported to Jacksonville to be put on display for the Navy celebration at The Jacksonville Landing.

    On Friday they set up the equipment in a vacant store front (donated to ACVA/JHNSA). In spite of the rain they were able to unload the 3 shipboard SPA-25 radar repeaters and other display equipment and move it to the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) Navy Birthday Celebration booth tent location near the USS STEVEN W. GROVES (FFG-29). On Saturday morning, Bert and Craig were joined by Wayne Misenar and Tim Nightengale to greet the countless visitors who came to see the GROVES and the display tents at the landing. A radar repeater was placed in the walk in front of the booth. There was always a crowd of parents and kids around it and those that past by did so because of the crowds around the radar repeater. The kids were in awe when the top of the radar repeater was opened, showing the inside of the repeater to them. As Craig was showing off the big video game to the kids, the others were handing out the JHNSA information sheets, JHNSA Volunteer forms, and JHNSA donation forms. The visitation line for the GROVES during the weekend was several blocks long and thousands were turned away.

    On Sunday the crowds were very enthusiastic and the long lines for the GROVES tours were long, with several thousand people being turned away. The Jax River Taxi manager is very supportive of the museum plans and would like to land his craft at the mooring pier once the museum is opened. Towards the end of the weekend, one of the coordinators of the NAVY Birthday Celebration came by the JHNSA booth and expressed that the JHNSA booth was the most popular booth there of the four booths(Naval Order, Navy League, USO and JHNSA).

    Overall it was a great weekend. JHNSA got nothing but support from people visiting the booth, and everyone thought it was a great idea of having USS CHARLES F. ADAMS on the waterfront. The Navy Birthday Weekend would be a great annual event.

    NEWS UPDATE APRIL 30, 2009


    Today starts the USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-5 Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida. The Big Nickel’s Reunion Coordinator Carl Slack has welcomed other ACVA supporters to join their celebration. USS Hoel DDG-13 Reunion will be in Branson, Missouri in October 2009, and the USS Lawrence DDG-4 Reunion will be in Charleston, starting the 21st of June 2009. Reunion groups from other ships in the class, who would like to have information on their reunions posted on the ACVA web page, please forward them to Dave Myerly. Reunion information will be posted on the REUNIONS link.


    Major milestone reached in making the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS NAVAL SHIP MUSEUM a reality. Use the following link to view the report:
    ACVA and JHNSA UPDATE - JAN 30, 2009


    A summary of our progress during 2008 and our current status can be downloaded or viewed via this link.

    Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Museum featured in SEAPOWER magazine

    The effort to berth the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) as a Naval Ship Museum as a part of the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Museum project received nation-wide news coverage in the October edition of SEAPOWER, the monthly magazine of the Navy League of the United States.

    TO VIEW THE ARTICLE : Click on the following link, SEAPOWER Article, and you'll be able to read the article on the Naval Ship Museum being proposed for the Jacksonville Florida waterfront.


    Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Museum featured in FRA 91 Newsletter

    An article on the effort to establish the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Museum, utilizing the former USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2), appeared in the just released NOV/DEC 2008 issue of "The Navigator", the bi-monthly newsletter publication of the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA), Branch/Unit/Club 91 (the local Jacksonville area Branch of the FRA). Click on the following link, FRA_Article, to see the article.

    You can also see the article at the FRA Branch 91 web site, Click here: The article is on page 3.

    NEWS UPDATE - OCTOBER 15, 2008


    The USS SELLERS (DDG-11) Association recently conducted their bi-annual Reunion in Baltimore, MD in early September. During their Business Meeting, SELLERSmen voted unanimously to donate $2,000 to the ACVA for the effort to berth the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) in Jacksonville, FL as a Naval Ship Museum that will honor all 23 ADAMS class DDGs. If the Museum is in place in Jax in 2010, the SELLERS Association will be having their next Reunion there!


    In early September, the USS Goldsborough (DDG-20) Association concluded their reunion in Annapolis, Maryland with a presentation by ACVA President Bob Branco updating the latest progress by ACVA in the effort to have ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) donated by the Navy to become the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Museum. After the presentation, Goldsborough Association President Pat Taylor presided over a unanimous Business Meeting vote to donate $2,500 to ACVA supporting the project.

    * * * * *

    The ACVA and JHNSA send out their special thanks to the SELLERS and GOLDSBOROUGH Associations for their generous contributions supporting the establishment of a naval ship museum to honor all 23 ships of the Adams class and their Navy veterans.

    In June ACVA Board members made presentations to the LAWRENCE and SEMMES Reunions in Chicago and Nashville respectively. Please contact ACVA President Bob Branco if you are interested in receiving a presentation.



    Bert Watson Pointing out Museum Site Details to
    Capt. Dave Tungett (NAVSEA PMS 333) & Tom Schodowski (JHNSA)

    JAX VISIT. On August 11, 2008, Captain Dave Tungett, Program Manager for the Navy's Inactive Ships Program met with Bert Watson, Jim Aldrich, and Tom Schodowski in Jacksonville to view the planned site for ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2 on the St. Johns River. In addition to presentations from the ACVA/JHNSA leadership, Capt. Tungett met with representatives from the Mayor of Jacksonville’s office, local hotels, and Duval County Schools who highlighted the positive benefits of the ship museum to the community in Jacksonville.

    PHILLY SHIP VISIT. On August 28th ACVA/JHNSA leaders visited to CHARLES F. ADAMS in Philadelphia to update Donation Application planning ideas before their meeting with NAVSEA PMS 333. Bob Branco, Bert Watson, Jim Aldrich, Pete Mansel, Craig Bernat, and Steve Weber completed another good survey of the Adams and a tour of ex-USS EDSON to develop some new display ideas about about preparing ADAMS as a museum.

    NAVSEA MEETING. Our meeting on Friday August 29th with Capt Dave Tungett and Glen Clark lasted over 4 hours and the discussion created a good path for providing answers to the questions on the Donation Application. Later in the meeting we discussed Curatorial Plan questions with the Naval Historical Center Curator, Mark Wertheimer. We also obtained lists of Naval Historical Center artifacts from all of the ships in the DDG-2 class that are available to develop excellent displays to memorialize all 23 ships in the museum. The revised Donation Application is due to NAVSEA at the end of January 2009.

    NEWS UPDATE - JULY 28, 2008

    (L-R) Jim Aldrich, CNO Admiral Gary Roughead, Bert Watson
    (L-R) Jim Aldrich, CNO Admiral Gary Roughead, Bert Watson

    After the CNO’s recent participation in the Battle of Midway Dinner in Jacksonville in June where he met ACVA and JHNSA officers, his staff released the following announcement:

    “The ADAMS Class Veterans Association and the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association are truly undertaking a worthwhile cause. The CHARLES F. ADAMS Museum will represent all of the DDGs of this historic class of destroyers. The Museum will be a fitting and dynamic tribute to the many Navy veterans who served on these great ships.” G. Roughead

    While there certainly is nothing new about the 48 year old ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2), these two photos of the recent paint maintenance provided for the sides of the guided missile destroyer have greatly improved her appearance. She is still moored outboard of ex-USS FORREST SHERMAN (DD-931) and ex-USS EDSON (DD-945) at the Philadelphia Inactive Ships Facility.

    NEWS UPDATE - JULY 11, 2008

    On June 20, 2008, NAVSEA responded to the Adams Class Veterans Association and Jacksonville Historical Naval Ship Association, both who had jointly submitted the Donation Application for ex-CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2 to be established as a ship museum in Jacksonville, Florida. The PMS 333 Inactive Ships Program Office provided a total of twenty four questions and comments from different parts of the Donation Application to be addressed in future discussions with the ACVA and JHNSA. This marks an important stage in the Donation Application process and the beginning of the dialogue between the NAVSEA and the sponsoring groups. The ACVA and JHNSA members who wrote the Ship Donation Application are meeting on a regular basis to develop responses to the NAVSEA questions. At this point, they see no problem in fully answering all the questions by the deadline.

    The deadline for responding to NAVSEA PMS 333 Donation Application questions is January 30, 2009

    NEWS UPDATE - JULY 11, 2008

    ACVA member Steve Weber reports that the CHARLES F. ADAMS is back at her normal berth in Philly with FORREST SHERMAN and EDSON with the routine paint maintenance mostly complete.

    NEWS UPDATE - 06/18/08

    The June 2008 ACVA Newsletter is out and can be reached through this link NEWSLETTER. In the newsletter are articles on the February 2008 ACVA Survey of the CHARLES F. ADAMS in Philadelphia, the ship museum costs and Jacksonville pier design graphic, and an updated list of all the DDG-2 Reunions.

    NEWS UPDATE - 06/09/08

    At the Navy League's "Battle of Midway Dinner" in Jacksonville on Saturday night, June 7, 2008, Bert Watson and Jim Aldrich, both members of the ADAMS Class Veterans Association and the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association, were able to talk with CNO Admiral Gary Roughead about berthing ADAMS as a museum in Jacksonville on the St Johns River.

    (L-R) Jim Aldrich, CNO Admiral Gary Roughead, Bert Watson
    (L-R) Jim Aldrich, CNO Admiral Gary Roughead, Bert Watson

    NEWS UPDATE - 06/09/08

    In our June/July 2008 ACVA Newsletter out this week we have listed the key information provided to us by Adams Class Ship Associations and/or from their web sites. When requested, the ACVA Board is willing to attempt to make presentations at reunions regarding our project to bring the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2 to Jacksonville, Florida as a historic naval ship museum. We are already scheduled to make presentations to upcoming reunions for USS LAWRENCE, USS SEMMES, and USS SELLERS this year. Please contact ACVA President Bob Branco if you are interested in receiving a presentation.

    On May 27th a former USS LAWRENCE veteran and Philly resident, Bob Schmid, reported to us that it appeared that the CHARLES F. ADAMS was missing from its normal place next to the USS Forrest Sherman and USS Edson in the Inactive Ships Facility. When we checked with another ACVA member from the Philly area, Steve Webber, he said that he also noticed that the ship was missing as he drove across the bridge on Interstate 95. After some checking, the ACVA determined that the “Charlie Deuce” had been moved to another berth for some paint maintenance for an undetermined amount of time. We will keep ACVA members informed.


    Tom Crosser, who has been President of ACVA since the passing of our original President Frank Manis in 2004, stepped down in an April 16 ACVA Board meeting after the Donation Application was completed. Tom will continue serving on the Board as Director of the Volunteer Program that he helped to develop for the Donation Application. We are indebted to Tom for his efforts over these past years as President to make USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) as a ship museum. Later, the Board voted and approved Bob Branco, the current ACVA Vice President, to succeed Crosser as President. In addition, Craig Bernat, the ACVA’s Director of Public Relations and Fundraising was elected to relieve Pete Mansel as the ACVA Treasurer. Pete’s efforts to organize the Donation Application and prepare the Business Plan for the Application were invaluable to that huge 828 page effort.


    Recently the ACVA received a major contribution of $2.500 from DRS Technologies, a defense contractor with headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey. Not only did the company make the generous donation, but they also offered to assist ACVA with the restoration of the MK 68 gun fire control system onboard ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2).

    NEWS UPDATE - 05/14/08

    We have now placed a summary of our Donation Application on the web site to explain to ACVA members the depth of information that was included in the application. Over 2100 hours of effort were completed by the core application team in the effort. The Marketing Survey and the Mooring design were completed by industry professionals, but the remaining portions of the application were developed by the ACVA members listed in the summary. The work was completed on Friday March 28th in time for delivery to NAVSEA on Monday March 31, 2008. The application summary highlights the effort to make the preservation of CHARLES F. ADAMS as a memorial to all 23 ships of the class. The DONAPP SUMMARY link on the left column of the Home page will open up the Summary.

    NEWS UPDATE - 05/14/08

    In last week’s Board Meeting, Jim Aldrich, the Director of the City Search Team was elected to fill the vacant Vice President’s position. Jim’s hard work in the ACVA in Tampa and now in Jacksonville to work to establish a home for the CHARLES F. ADAMS as a ship museum is well known to all ACVA members. Congratulations, Jim. At the same meeting the Board approved to change its By Laws. Previously the ACVA had a City Search Team in its organization. Since Jacksonville has approved the location of the CHARLES F. ADAMS and a Donation Application has been received by the Navy and is being evaluated, the City Search Team in the By Laws has been replaced by the Donation Application/Restoration Planning Team. This team will respond to the Navy’s questions about the Donation Application and also develop the plans for the restoration of the ship and its equipment as part of the ship museum development. Former Seller’s CO Bob Rumney and John Skiffington a former ETR2 on Sellers and long time Air Force and Defense Contract Management Agency Civil Service manager were elected as Directors to serve on that new team on the Board. Bob’s contributions to the Donation Application effort and in the survey of the ship in Philadelphia were a great help to the cause.


    Now on the web site is a new Major Supporters link that displays an updated list of corporations and sponsors who made major donations to support our Donation Application effort. This link replaces the former Corporate Backers link.


    GREAT NEWS for all ACVA Members and everyone who has supported our effort to berth the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) on the St Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, Florida - The SHIP DONATION APPLICATION has been completed!!! We have met the deadline for completion of the Application beyond all expectation and overcoming numerous obstacles, the most critical one being TIME!! Our Application Team put together in 75 days what normal ship organizations take up to two years to do.

    Thanks to the efforts of Pete Mansel, Bob Branco, Jim Aldrich, Bob Rumney, Bert Watson, Wayne Misenar, Craig Bernat, and Tom Crosser, the 3-Volume document, with 826 pages, was completed on March 28th. These men spent countless hours, a few literally into the hundreds of hours, most days, and every week writing the many sections of the Application. The Team was very pleased with the final product, and felt it did justice to the wonderful ships we seek to honor. Bert Watson will personally deliver the document to NAVSEA at the Washington Navy Yard on the afternoon of March 31st. Since the application is being evaluated by the Navy, the document is considered confidential.


    VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP - The ADAMS Class Veterans Association (ACVA) is beginning to plan for the restoration of the CHARLES F. ADAMS with an “advanced sign-up” request to Navy veterans and other interested individuals who want to help restore the various areas of the ship and set up museum displays. We need lots of skilled help from preservation to technical skills in order to restore the ship’s appearance to that of its operating days of service. We will not be starting the restoration work until the Navy awards us the ship. It will be a big help to have an “advanced sign-up” list that will allow us to build a database of seriously interested individuals who are motivated to participate in the restoration work. Go to the "VOLUNTEER" page on the ACVA web site and register today so that we can begin the effort to “RESTORE THE CHARLEY DEUCE” as a representative of all ships of the ADAMS class!!

    3/11/08 - SPECIAL RECOGNITION – USS Barney Association

    For several years a number of DDG Ship Associations had made strong efforts to have their ships saved for history. The leader of the USS Barney Association, John Van Dusen, had fought hard to have the Barney preserved. After the Navy disposed of the BARNEY for scrap, he shared his disappointment with ACVA Vice President Bob Branco and started to build new hope and greater resolve to save the last DDG by joining the team. This became even more important as the Jacksonville ACVA Team moved steadily towards getting the approval of the City Council to bring the former USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2 back to its homeport, ending 17 years of exile in the Inactive Ship Facility in Philadelphia. “John Van Dusen was excited about the possibility of having the last surviving DDG-2 class ship represent not only Barney, but all the ships of the class. John worked hard with the Barney Association to help make it a reality” said Bob Branco.

    We ask that all ACVA members offer John and the Barney Association a GRAND “BZ” for their recent outstanding donation of $10,000 to the effort to bring CHARLES F. ADAMS home to Jacksonville, which will serve as a memorial to all 23 ships of the DDG-2 class. This great contribution will be recognized with a special ACVA plaque presented to the Barney Association and special recognition when the Museum is established.

    Other associations are stepping up too. USS Goldsborough Association President Pat Taylor wrote a letter to the Mayor of Jacksonville, John Peyton, supporting the project to bring the ADAMS back to her old home port. He strongly suggested to Mayor Peyton that with the CHARLES F. ADAMS in Jacksonville, every DDG and other ship associations would likely plan on having their reunions there, boosting tourism and the local economy.

    3/3/08 - ACVA Membership Increases Dramatically During Recent Months

    Due to the success achieved by ACVA's Jacksonville City Team and support from ACVA members, Jacksonville City Council has endorsed the concept of bringing the USS CHARLES F ADAMS home to Jacksonville for permanent display as a Naval ship museum. With news of that success going out to so many through articles, emails, and broadcasts, ACVA Membership has increased significantly. During the past three months, over 145 new members have joined ACVA, for a total nation-wide membership of 555.

    3/2/08 - ACVA Receives More Support for ADAMS Berthing in Jacksonville

    The Florida Secretary of State and the Florida Executive Director for the Department of Veterans' Affairs have both written letters to ACVA supporting the berthing of ADAMS on the St Johns River in downtown Jacksonville. Click the links in preceding sentence to read the letters. Both of these letters will be a part of the Ship Donation Application being prepared by ACVA for submission to the Navy Department.


    The City Council of Jacksonville, Florida passed a Resolution supporting the establishment of the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS as a Naval Ship Museum in Jacksonville. The CHARLES F. ADAMS is the first in the class of 23 guided missile destroyers built by the Navy in the 1960s. Currently, only one other DDG-2 class ship exists besides the Adams, and it’s in Germany moored as a museum.

    The Adams Class Veterans Association (ACVA) started the effort to save the ADAMS as a museum by approaching at least three different cities. Complications successively sunk the first two efforts. Then the veterans focused on Jacksonville where they slowly gained some attention, incorporated a team, and systematically developed support in City Council, Council committees, City commissions, and received endorsements. After the Resolution passed out of two City Council committees, it went to the full Council for consideration. On February 26, 2008, the City Council unanimously passed an amendment to the Resolution that listed the entire Council as co-sponsoring the Resolution – and then quickly voted to pass the Resolution without dissent.

    ACVA Board member Wayne Misenar, a retired Chief Warrant Officer, said that this was a day he has looked forward to for a number of years. “It’s a day I wasn’t sure I’d ever see.” The response to the ACVA from veterans expressing congratulations and quickly adding that they are available to volunteer to help bring the Adams back to her nimble state of readiness, at least as a museum, is gratifying. AVCA President Tom Crosser expressed appreciation for the progress to date and is very excited about the response from members of the AVCA and other ship organizations. “If we continue to get the support from members that we have seen in the last couple days, we will easily meet our goal to have a full list of volunteers to help bring her back to glory.” The ACVA’s reason for existing is to save the Adams and find her a home where she can serve the rest of her life educating and entertaining the public, veterans and children. The museum plans include memorializing all 23 ships in the class, including photos, memorabilia, and histories of the service of all the ships. According to retired Navy Captain Bob Branco, a former Commanding Officer of the Adams, “It’s appropriate to bring the ship back home to Jacksonville where she was home-ported for the last 23 years of her service.”

    From here, the effort to save the Adams will include submitting an approximate 1,000 page Ship Donation Application to the Navy, and fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. Jacksonville team member Bert Watson knows very well what the ACVA is facing, but remains very optimistic. “I’ve been looking far into this tunnel for months, seeing a light and trying to decide if it was a train coming at me or not. I am very inspired by the capability of the ACVA team to put this Ship Donation Application together. It is definitely daylight in that tunnel.” But Watson also knows that the development of the Application must be matched by a successful fundraising campaign. The funding strategy will depend on three areas: (1) the DDG community strongly supporting the effort; (2) the greater Jacksonville community participating in large numbers; and (3) the business and corporate community playing their part. Between in-kind and monetary contributions, the $7 million cost to bring her to “museum ready status” is a realistic goal.

    The quality of the attraction to be gained by the Jacksonville Community will be substantial. The organizers foresee the ADAMS being an exciting interactive and vibrant museum as well as the premier event venue in Jacksonville. There are no naval ship museums in Florida or Georgia, and both states have significant naval and military presence. Initial estimates suggest the Adams will be dedicated as the Jacksonville Historical Naval Ship Museum in mid-2010.

    2/21/08 - UPDATE

    This week, Adams and ACVA passed another hurdle by being endorsed by the Finance Committee and the Recreation / Community Development Committee of Jacksonville City Government.

    Our next hurdle will be a vote of the full City Council on Tuesday evening February 26. Our Team in Jacksonville believes we have sufficient City Council support for our proposal to pass and be sent to the Mayor for his signature, which has been assured by a Mayoral representative.

    Writing of the Application for Donation that we must submit to NAVSEA is progressing nicely and our Application Team must be commended for their efforts. Former Adams CO and ACVA VP, Bob Branco, led a second Survey Team back to Philly on February 19-20 to secure additional details on the condition of Adams for inclusion in the Application for Donation.

    Former Sellers CO, Bob Rumney, has been working on a Yard Availability Report just as he would have done while on Active Duty. This too will be part of our Application for Donation so NAVSEA knows what repairs we intend to make while Adams is in Dry Dock. This was a primary reason for the Survey Visit I mentioned above. Bob Rumney has also put together an outline for our Volunteer Program, so those of you who may be pacing the deck waiting to get your hands dirty on Adams, will know what to expect. I will talk more about this in future emails / newsletters.

    Tom Crosser
    President, Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc.

    1/22/08 - NEWS FLASH

    As many of you ACVA members already know, ACVA set out some weeks ago to raise the $100,000 (plus!) needed to cover the cost of having a professional Application writer prepare the ADAMS Ship Donation Application for submission to NAVSEA before the 31 MAR 2008 deadline. However, the ACVA Board has also explored other alternatives to completing the Application. As it worked out, part of the answer came from within ACVA. Support for the project has been growing tremendously, both in the Jacksonville area and across the country. The end result has been an influx of new members and supporters, many of whom are uniquely qualified in areas critical to the project. After analyzing who and what resources we had gained, ACVA Directors of City Search, James Aldrich and Bob Branco, suggested that we complete portions of the application ourselves. This is not without precedent; several successful naval ship museums have followed the same course.

    A plan was laid out, detailing who would do what parts of the application, along with a timetable that would assure that we got the completed application submitted by the deadline. The Board reviewed the plan and discussed it thoroughly at the 1/15/08 Board meeting. At the end of the discussion period, the Board voted unanimously to approve the plan - that ACVA would be responsible for preparation of the Application, but using "outside sources" to complete those critical sections of the Application where ACVA did not have the expertise. The writing of the Application is already under way and on schedule.

    This new plan for completing the Application is reflected in the changes to the "thermometers" on the ACVA home page. We now have 2 thermometers. That portion of the total funds needed for the application which would have gone for the professional writing of the Application, approximately $78,000, has been shifted to an "in kind" donation thermometer. This represents the value of the time and effort donated by our people who are writing the Application, which we otherwise would have had to pay 'cash'.

    Even with these "in kind" donations, we still require funds for things which MUST be done by "outside sources", like the required Marketing Survey, various engineering services, and the berth design. This is reflected by the "cash" thermometer, and these donations we have received will be used to pay for the services needed from the "outside sources". We are still short in this area; the cost of the Marketing Survey and other required expenses is still not totally covered. The Board feels, however, that obtaining donations to cover these expenses is "doable”, thus allowing ACVA to submit an Application for ADAMS by the deadline.

    Also at the 1/15/08 Board meeting, the resignation of Rick Watson as Vice President was accepted. The Board was unanimous in their expression of gratitude to Rick for his efforts to help get ACVA to where we are today. The Board voted unanimously to elect Bob Branco, Captain, USN (Retired) and former C.O. of ADAMS, to the vacant VP position. Another recent addition to our ACVA Board is Bill Hunteman, who is taking on the job of Director of Ships Liaison. He will be responsible for communicating with all the DDG Ship Reps, and other interested parties, keeping them informed of our progress and providing them updates.

    Since the ACVA is a “nation-wide” organization, ACVA members residing in the Jacksonville area have formed the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA), so that we will have a local group which can take custody of the ADAMS, and operate the museum.

    The Jacksonville City Council met on January 22, and legislation was introduced by Councilman Warren Jones containing a Resolution that supports placing the ADAMS on the south bank of the St Johns River in the downtown area at our preferred berth site. This legislation (Resolution) has been referred to two committees for review, the Finance Committee and the Recreation and Community Development Committee. The Resolution will be reviewed at two more City Council meetings (standard procedure) prior to a vote, which we expect to see happen toward the end of February. This necessary piece of support is moving along nicely!

    12/18/07 - PROCEDURE CHANGE

    The ACVA Bylaws are going to be removed from the EZ Board. ACVA Members who wish to have their own copy of the bylaws may request them directly, via email, from Dave Myerly:


    We recently sent NAVSEA a status report and received a prompt reply. View them via this link.

    11/29/07 - UPDATE

    > To: All ACVA Ship Reps.

    > > From: ACVA President.

    > > Subject: Urgent Communication and Request to Adams Class Shipmates.

    > > Gentlemen,

    > > Due to the ongoing efforts of the ACVA Board and our JAX Team, the Jacksonville Florida Waterways Commission passed a Resolution on November 1, stating their support for the berthing of the last existing ADAMS CLASS DESTROYER IN THE UNITED STATES, USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, in their city and the creation of a Memorial and Museum, dedicated to the Adams Class DDG's, the sailors who served on them, their contribution to our nation's security during the Cold War, and their part in US Naval History.

    > > As of Tuesday November 27, the report from our JAX Team added two more City Council Members to the list of those supporting our efforts. This brings the total to 13 supporting our effort, 3 uncertain (but probable) and 2 yet to be briefed. The 13 is the "super majority" we wanted to secure prior to bringing the request to the full Council for consideration. Additionally we were briefed on Business Leaders and other interested parties who have voiced support for Adams and ACVA. And lastly, the City of Jacksonville's Veterans' Affairs Director has voiced a "No Objection" position on our effort. This is significant due to the fact that the Mayor will ask his opinion first, and also because he has declined each and every Naval Ship Museum proposal he has seen, including this one in May, until last week when he expressed support for ours during a meeting with a JAX Team member.

    > > We need to make sure that our message is getting to each and every former Adams Class crew member possible. We need to make sure that everyone knows about recent developments in Jacksonville and the fact that we only have until March 31, 2008 to submit our "Application for Donation" to NAVSEA. The preparation and submission of the actual "Application" Is going to cost ACVA at least $100,000.

    > > This information must go out as fast as possible to all former Adams Class crew members. We need contributions and we need them very quickly. Our goal is within sight. We have asked and often prayed for this opportunity and it is finally before us. We must rise to the occasion and do our part to bring Adams to her final home. I am asking that every sailor make a $25 contribution - and send it today...PLEASE. If you can send a little more, Great! But more important, contact anyone else you think would be interested in our effort and ask them to send a little too. As we were taught on board, many hands make light work.

    > > I will also request that everyone associated with an Adams Class web site or Reunion Group have our story and this request posted prominently so anyone visiting your site can read about our ongoing effort to save the last Adams Class DDG in the US. Please make sure all of your shipmates are aware of the ADAMS Class Veterans Association web site ( because on that site is all the latest info, including a rendering of ADAMS sitting in the proposed berth on the St Johns River in JAX!

    Tom Crosser
    President, Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc.

    11/02/07 - FLASH MESSAGE - JAX Waterways Commission endorses ADAMS Concept

    On November 1st, the Jacksonville Waterways Commission (which is tied to the City Council) voted to endorse the concept of berthing ADAMS in JAX. Final endorsement from the Commission will depend on the future submission of a detailed Business Plan, and related Financial Plan (upon which work can now begin, given Commission support of the berthing... they understood we couldn't put a plan together without a location defined). The next step will be to go to the JAX City Council and also get their support (about 1/2 of all City Councilmen have already said they support the proposal).

    Bert Watson gave a superb presentation (Powerpoint), and then there was an extensive Question & Answer session. There were 2 Commissioners who, during the Q & A discussion, voiced some concerns (parking, impact on nearby boat ramp, lack of a detailed financial plan, etc). One Commissioner expressed concern that there was "no organization behind the effort". Jim Aldrich explained about ACVA, and our concept that once the City says they support the idea, then a local "501c3 Museum group" will be formed. In spite of the concerns from the 2 Commissioners, these 2 Commissioners voted to Endorse anyway. On the other hand, during the Q & A, there were about half a dozen Commissioners who were very vocal in their outright support of the idea. One had recently been to Charleston, and Patriot's Point, and she said, basically, this is a wonderful thing to do, and can be of great benefit to the City ! The failed SARATOGA effort surfaced, but everyone agreed that ADAMS is a much different (smaller, more appropriate to JAX) kind of proposal. Another key point - the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Waterways Commission are both City Councilmen, and both of these men expressed strong support of the idea. There were no "NO" votes when the Commissioners voted on the Motion to endorse the ADAMS concept. Bert has been told that he will get a "copy" of the Endorsement. After the presentation, several - commissioners and people from the audience - came up and voiced strong support of the proposal; all offered support, a couple offered guidance and references to other that might help, and one offered to help directly!

    That afternoon, the ACVA JAX Team put together the urgent action items that now must get into high gear - additional fund raising, establishment of 501c3 in JAX, and commencement of work on elements of the Application. This is what we have been waiting for. The door has been opened and it up to us to continue opening it so that we can walk through it. This is why the fundraising letters have been sent. We have asked for this opportunity - it is ours for the taking and take it we must. It is a great part of the reason we have banded to gether. Please contribute some funding, some names and contacts of others who can contribute, and please share the inspiration felt by the ACVA Board and the ACVA JAX T team !! We can now control our destiny - it is up to us to kick this can down the road. We owe Wayne & Bert a big ATTAYBOY for achieving this success!! Download the Jacksonville Waterways Commission resolution.

    10/16/07 - Waddell Association Presentation

    The WADDELL Association recently had a Reunion in Charleston, SC. Jim Aldrich went to their Saturday evening banquet to provide a Powerpoint briefing on ACVA's efforts to berth ADAMS in Jacksonville. The presentation was very well received, and some of the WADDELL crew members made very generous contributions to the ACVA effort.


    UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 21, 2007 – ACVA Working to Establish ADAMS Ship Museum in Jacksonville, Florida

    Since completing the material condition evaluation and marine survey of the Charles F. Adams in Philadelphia during May 2007, the ACVA has focused its efforts to establish ADAMS as a ship museum in its old home port, Jacksonville, Florida. Wayne Misenar, who served on the ship as Electronics Material Officer in the late 1980’s, has headed up the effort assisted by Roger Perkins, a local realtor and a former CIC Officer in ADAMS in the 1980’s, and Bert Watson, a local lobbyist.

    In early August ACVA City Search Director Jim Aldrich, Wayne, Roger, and Bert Watson had a meeting with Florida State Senator and past President of the Florida Senate, Senator Jim King, to discuss the proposal of berthing the Adams as a ship museum in Jacksonville. The Director of the Jacksonville Maritime Museum also attended the meeting, and was very supportive. The Senator expressed an interest in the idea of berthing ADAMS on the St Johns River. He suggested that the ACVA present the proposal to the local Councilmen who have jurisdiction over the proposed berthing area. Later in August our team in Jacksonville had a great meeting with a City Councilmen, Warren Jones, who had a very positive response to our ideas about the ship museum concept on the river. Our Jax Team next plans to meet with other City Councilmen, and then move on to meeting with the Mayor. When the time is right, ACVA will bring in the support we have gained within the Florida State Government. We will keep all ACVA members informed through regular updates over the next few months. Our ACVA Board of Directors is starting a major fundraising effort to obtain money for the project, specifically the preparation of a Ship Donation Application. This will require some help from our membership. Our goal is to “Save the Charley Deuce” and to establish a ship museum and memorial in Florida honoring the service of the ADAMS class DDG’s, the sailors who served in them, and all other veterans! In the coming months, there will be more regular Newsletter updates with information on our progress in Jacksonville and our fundraising effort.


    Official Report - ACVA Report on Adams Evaluation Visit 0521-052307
    This report of the survey of the Charles F.Adams in Philadelphia is set up so that you can download it and read it at your leisure, and/or save it for future reference.

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