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NEWS from the JHNSA Newsletter

Update - October 12, 2017

Recently, the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) was able to secure the remaining funds needed to bring the USS Charles F. Adams to Jacksonville as a naval warship museum!

We are extremely excited to make this announcement as this has been long in the works. We have had so many friends and companies and their staff who have been indispensable to our efforts with funds and in-kind work, without which we would not be where we are today. So, thank you all for your support!

The funds raised thus far will cover dry docking and preservation for tow, towing to Jacksonville, work on the pier and improving the grounds of the site.

We will also be relocating our Visitor's Center and store items located within the Jacksonville Landing to a building on site. We will update you on the date of this transition in the near future.

With funds in place, we are now wrapping up the paperwork and are working with Rhoads Industries to coordinate a date for dry docking. In the meantime, work has begun on Pier 1 east at the former Jacksonville Shipyards (adjacent to the Berkman Marina).

This is a tremendous step in the project. Please keep in mind, the Association will still need many volunteers, additional resources, and funds to restore the ship and make her museum ready. If you have not signed up to volunteer and wish to do so, please email or sign up through our website.

This is certainly an exciting time for the Association, the City of Jacksonville, and all those who have supported this worthwhile project over the years. The Adams Class of warships were the US Navy's first keel up guided missile destroyers and they made a difference in our Navy and our nation. We are proud to bring the Charlie Deuce back to Jacksonville where she can continue to make a difference right in our community.

Join JHNSA in building the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) into a world-class naval warship museum. Please continue to donate, volunteer, and support fundraisers for this effort. We would not be where we are today without you.

We look forward to updating you in next month's newsletter.

Update - August 17, 2017

I just received the following message from Dan Bean, President of the JHNSA:
"We are nearing completion of the final financial step necessary to have the ADAMS released to the JHNSA. We can also add that all permits have been issued for our pier work and we are now finalizing the permit paperwork for our uplands work and executing the EPA agreement. We remain optimistic for a Fall delivery to Jacksonville."

Update - June 19, 2017

The following came to me via my daughter and was originally posted on the Facebook "Scuttlebutt" page
I cannot vouch for it's authenticity but I am reasonablly certain it is legit. Just remember, those guys were/are also DDG sailors!

**UPDATE! DO NOT DONATE TO GO-FUND-ME PAGES! They are scams; only send money to Red Cross,, or the FRG! The USPS will accept boxes addressed to the USS Fitzgerald**

Folks, what we have here is a tragedy and a terrible loss of 7 of our kin.

At the same time, due to the flooding in berthing compartments, many more of our junior sailors have lost everything they own. The Navy has issued that the sailors will be given uniform pay but they still need civies, shoes, towels, toiletries, etc.

If you are stationed in the 7th Fleet, Naval Base Yokosuka USO is asking for dinners that are already cooked for tonight and drinks. Breakfast items for tomorrow for the sailors. Also in need of personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, shaving cream, disposable razors, sanitary napkins, and hand soap. *no clothes donations please

NMCRS is accepting civilian clothes, uniform items, men's boots and shoes, socks, undershirts, any other male clothing items.

Softbank is accepting any cell phones to be donated.

If you are CONUS please send whatever you can spare for these Shipmates to
UNIT 100173 Box 1
FPO AP 96665

* NEWS UPDATE on Adams Class Museum, January 17, 2017

From the JHNSA web site:
The USS ADAMS Museum crew and supporters continue to work with the City of Jacksonville and The Stellar Group to finalize the plans and design for the future home of the USS ADAMS Museum at the historic Shipyards property in Downtown Jacksonville. The Pier has been inspected, the river water and bottom have been inspected and measured and the final agency permits and authorizations to begin construction are nearly complete. In the meantime, we have launched our memorial brick fundraising campaign where your support can be etched in brick forever and for all to see! Stay tuned for the next update! Go to the JHNSA web site for full details!

"SAVE THE ADAMS" project update - January 7, 2017

The following statement was sent out to over 100 JHNSA members, so I think it's safe to post it here.

Our next board meeting is 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at H&K. We received word that the Army Corps of Engineers will issue us our permit for the pier work and we received more good financial news. We will update you at the meeting. March 7 (dry dock) is less than 60 days away and we have more work to do to be ready. dkb

Daniel Bean | Holland & Knight

"SAVE THE ADAMS" project update - December 21, 2016

We now have a project update from the JHNSA. Following are excerpts from a message sent from JHNSA President Dan Bean to ACVA directors.

The ship repair facility has 12 Perry Class Frigates they are preparing for Poland, hence we were moved to the back of the line. If there are delays with the Perry Class project, we will be delayed too. "We are letting the public know that March 7, 2017 is our dry dock date.

You can also share that we are moving forward on the pier preparations

More funds will be needed after her arrival for us to build her out the way we hope, so please keep asking. For now, we believe we can establish top-side tours within six weeks of her arrival. Then we focus on the berthing compartment and go from there.

Thanks. dkb

Ok, that's it from me. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas - and go easy with the New Year's celebrations. Believe it or not, you DO NOT have to have alcohol in your blood to have a good time.



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