Did you know that gutters play such a vital role in your home and roof’s overall condition? When you disregard and ignore issues and the required gutter maintenance and cleaning, you can expect to experience costly repairs in the future. Even small issues today can eventually turn into major issues especially when the winter season comes. Here are some points that claim how important it would be to maintain your gutters regularly and have a debris-free gutter.  

Save yourself money 

If you make sure to always consider cleaning your gutter, you will eventually save yourself from getting expensive repairs and the anxiety and stress of dealing with problems, which could’ve been stopped in the first place.  

Save your foundation 

If the melting precipitation or rainwater does not correctly stream down the downspouts of your gutter, it could lead to pooling water. This won’t just pool back up onto your roof, but it can also run down your home’s siding. Downspouts are intended to direct water far from your house so that the pooling water won’t build up in the soil that’s next to the foundation of your home.  

Keep the pests at bay 

Once a gutter system will get obstructed with debris, it won’t only impact its functional ability, but creates a welcoming breeding ground for wood-destroying pests and insects as well. Critters tend to nest in areas that are protected and warm. Hence, for raccoons, bugs, birds, rats, and mice, compacted tree debris seems like a nice, safe, and warm place to nest in. Due to this, a lot of pests may reach and gain access into your attic or roof from compromised or rotting parts on your roofing. With this in mind, it’s only reasonable and vital to always check and clean your gutters.  

Protect your roof 

All roofs require functioning gutters to endure damage no matter if you have a newly installed roofing or a 15-year-old roof. Tress could make plenty of debris during the fall season, such as natural wastes like branches, sticks, pine cones, pine needles, and leaves. When your gutters don’t get maintained well or don’t have gutter guards, chances are the downspouts would backup.  

When you have clogged gutters and the water that’s streaming down your roof will reach your gutters, the water will definitely pool. Because of that, the water flows over the brim of the gutter. If this is the case, water could back up onto your roofing and infiltrate underneath the shingles to the sublayers.  

Once a roof’s sublayer gets saturated with water for a long time, it can cause damage to supporting structures and wood. When this occurs, your roofing can get mold damage, holes, leaks, and dry rot. Fortunately, you can stop this from happening with regular gutter cleaning.  

Those are only some of the many reasons why gutter cleaning is crucial to the longevity of your roof. If ever you want to know more about Oakland roofing in general, let us know or visit our website regularly.